Making Progress

Well. My Forecast sweater is definitely coming along.
Its squishy, textury, fun to knit.. I really think I'm going to love this sweater!
This last week I picked out some buttons that I really like, even though I will never use them...

Um yea... I am quite certain that this sweater might be a little small on me. I never know what size to choose!!! I fall between the small (32") and medium(36") size on this sweater. I measure somewhere around a 34 and it seems that every time I try to knit a 36 inch size it looks boxy and baggy. So lately Ive been leaning towards 32" sweaters and it has turned out well. My Lush and Lacy Cardigan and Cap-Sleeved Eyelet Top are both good examples of this. But this one is a little bit too snug. My gauge might also be to blame. I don't know.
Sometimes I knit tighter than my swatch.
Its a little disappointing but I'll be fine. I still haven't blocked it yet which might loosen things up, and if all else fails I can just wear it open with just one button keeping it together. I tend to wear all of my sweaters that way anyways. And there is also crash dieting, which is a last resort of course.
In case you are wondering. I am not ripping out and reknitting. No way.

So the body is all knit and I am just working on the sleeves now. I love the bobbly panel going down the sleeve. Its so cute!

Looks as though I won't even need a 5th skein to complete this sweater. I only have a sleeve and a 1/2 left to knit and I still have this much left on my 4th skein of O-wool Classic.

Think I'll make it?