Its finished and it fits! Kinda.

I like it. It fits much better than I thought it would but really I should have knit the 36" size rather than 32". Then it would button comfortably. I can button this thing with one button keeping it closed, but as for the rest. Forget about it. They are just sewn on for decoration.

But its not all that bad. I think that Forecast looks kind of cute as a fitted cardi.
I love the cable and bobble pattern. I find that it adds interest while not being too overwhelming.
One of the modifications I made was that I worked 3 st bobbles instead of 5 st. So the bobbles are smaller and not so uh.. bobbly.

I also made 3/4 length sleeves instead of the full sleeve. I thought the 3/4 length would suit the style more since I knew it would be on the small side.
The funny part is that this yarn, O-wool Classic, blocks out very well so my 3/4 sleeves grew to be full length after blocking. I kind of have to scrunch them up my arm a bit to get them to be 3/4 length again. I am so grateful for blocking. Aside from the sleeve issue, blocking did such wonders for this garment! Like a previous commenter brought out, "Blocking fixes everything!"
I ended up using only 4 skeins of O-wool Classic with yarn to spare making this a very economical knit. I also love how the O-wool feels after washing. It bloomed and softened wonderfully while still maintaining crisp stitch definition. This was a fun project and it went relatively fast.
And.. Its such a cool design! Where could I ever buy a sweater like this in this color?

That's the great thing about knitting.