The Knitting Forecast is Saffron-y

I don't know if you've noticed but I've taken up a new hobby.
One that I enjoy almost as much as knitting. Photo taking and photo editing!!

Introducing my new obsession: Photo Collage.

I cant stop. Really. I've tried.
So here are pictures of the new sweater I'm working on. In a collage format of course.

I love this sweater project! It has really been a joy to knit. Its worked up in one piece from the top down and has these fun bobbly panels on the fronts, back and sleeves. The pattern is called "Forecast" and can be found here.

I love all of the textural changes. Its a really cute, unique design. I can visualize this as being a really fun garment. Funky and different. Especially in this color, right?

The yarn that I chose to work with is O-wool Classic in Saffron. I own nothing in this color so it will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I was attracted to this color right away. Its cozy or something...

The yarn is a slightly thicker gauge than the Cascade yarn that this pattern calls for, so this sweater is more structural, kind of jacket-like, which I almost like better. It suits the style in my opinion.

(Listen to Episode 14 for a review of O-wool.)

Yesterday I was really sick so I just sat around and worked on this sweater. I made some serious progress so I should have this thing finished up shortly. I cant wait to wear it!