Gilipeysa Cardigan

Recently I have enjoyed indulging in a sweet little colorwork sweater as a gift for my cousin’s brand new baby boy!


I have been seeing so many amazing colorwork sweaters popping up that have been very tempting to knit… but truth be told. I don’t have a lot of experience with stranded knitting and intarsia. There has been the odd project here and there.. but lace and cables has really been more my thing. I have a few larger colorwork projects planned for myself (more on that later) but this tiny cardigan was a nice warm up.


As is usually always the case.. this pattern, Gilipeysa, requires you to knit the cardigan in the round, sew two lines of stitching to secure both sides, then cut in between to create a cardigan. This process is called “steeking” and you can view a video of me cutting the sweater HERE.

The purpose behind this technique is that stranded knitting is complicated enough without having to do it on the knit AND purl side. Knitting in the round is so much easier!

Once the cardigan was cut and my nerves resettled.. it was time to do something with that ragged cut edge!

Colorwork Sweater 1.jpg

After weaving in all ends, I decided to hand-stitch some grosgrain ribbon to finish off the edge. It also gives the cardigan a little extra structure which is nice.

Gilespia Open.jpg
Gillespia Ribbon.jpg

I also decided that these tiny resin sheep buttons were a perfect finishing touch!

Sheep Buttons 1.jpg
Gillespia Cardigan.JPG

AND… I added a wooden wash tag to the sweater in hopes this keeps it from running through the washer and dryer as I did use a wool yarn!

Gilespia Cardigan 3.jpg

All in all.. this was an enjoyable little project and the finished sweater is so sweet. :)

Pattern for the Gilipeysa Cardigan found HERE.

I used Plucky Knitter Rambouillet yarn in the Avocado Toast colorway. I only needed 1 skein for the smallest size. Yarn found HERE. (The colorwork section is a mix-mash of scraps!)

Buttons found HERE.

Wooden wash tag found HERE.

It Happened Again.

As a vendor at Stitches West this past February I was excited to wear my favorite knitted pieces while working at my booth space. One that I chose was my Twigs and Willows Cardigan from my book Botanical Knits.

Designing Stitch Motifs with Traveling Cables.jpg

I have always really really liked this particular sweater and when it was no longer needed in my Botanical Knits trunk show, I quickly claimed it as my favorite! We spent many days together this past fall and winter until…

Let me first back up real and tell you a little sad story about when I was actually knitting this sweater. The yarn I chose is Brooklyn Tweed Loft which is lovely. It has held up very well over the years and rustic yarns like this are my personal favorite, buuuut the way that it is spun makes it a bit less sturdy than other yarns. This became problematic when working the cables on the yoke of my sweater. I accidentally knitted one of the cables too tight and it was puckering too much for my liking. I finished the sweater, washed it and tried to “fix” the puckering in the yoke by tugging on the cable when it was drying. And yes… you guessed it… the cable gave way and broke. After crying a little, I literally deconstructed the sweater, ripped back the button band and yoke on that one side and re-knit making sure to keep my cables nice and loose that time.

It was painful when it happened, but has since become an entertaining story that I’ve repeated several times since. It was simply an ancient funny/awful story until I took my cardigan off after a long day of vending at the show to hear an audible pop.


Twigs and Willows Repair.jpg
Twigs and Willows Repair 1.jpg


So this time around, I was going to need to repair the cable instead of re-knitting. Unfortunately, since this cardigan was knit approximately 7 years ago, I no longer had this yarn in my stash. At one time, I am sure I had a partial skein hanging around… but in an effort to “de-clutter” probably gifted it to someone at some point. That meant that now.. I had no yarn to match for the repair. I knew that there was a good reason for me to hoard bins and bins of yarn scraps!! See.. you should never get rid of anything.

I considered using a thread but wondered if that would slice the wool fibers over time and lead to the same exact chain of events in the future.

This was the best match I could find which really only matches the little flecks of orange fibers running through the wool.

Twigs and Willows Repair 2.jpg

Using a mattress stitch seaming technique I wove the stitches back together as invisibly as I could. The result isn’t “perfect” but good enough to keep wearing my favorite cardigan!

Twigs and Willows Repair 3.jpg

Disaster averted.. yet again!

Completed Projects and Cute Stuff

I am happy to say that I have been working away on this sweater design and it is now….

Sleeve Lace Progress.jpg

… off the needles!

Aperture .jpg

How beautiful is this yarn combination held together? I love the texture and halo it creates! These are two Julie Asselin yarns.. Nurtured Fine and Anatolia. So lovely. I am now working up the pattern and can’t wait for it’s release and seeing it being made in all sorts of color combinations!

In other news. It has been an adjustment with no longer having a storefront, but I have still been enjoying collaborating with artists and working on adorable new products for our online shop. Last week we released our new Spring Collection of handmade notions and accessories and I am just simply in love with this collection so much. Although so much of it came from different places and from artists from around the world.. it all works together so well!

Everything is bird and nest themed with seems so perfect for Springtime!
Today… I added something brand new!

That’s right! An owl tin.. with baby owl buttons inside!

If you would like to see more please click HERE.

I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to create and bring the knitting community beautiful things.. not only in knitwear but in fun and useful accessories as well.

I hope that all of you are finding similar joy in whatever you are creating! :)

A Special Project

I’ve decided that these two items from my shop would be perfect paired together and turned into a special gift for a friend going through a difficult time.

pom pom 2.jpg
Haley Yarn Soft Ivory.jpg

A Winter Trails hat is on the needles as we speak and will look so cute topped with this fluffy pompom! Can’t wait to get this finished and sent off to its intended recipient! :)

Winter Trails in progress.jpg


I am working on a new collection of patterns and I am so happy to say that the first one is now complete. This elegant cardigan features two yarns from two different companies that work up together with a stunning result. Julie Asselin Fino yarn in Fleurs Pressees and Quince and Co. Piper in Abeline.

Fog 1.jpg

There are more designs to come along this same theme. Mixing yarn weights in the same garment has opened up such a multitude of design possibilities for me and I am bursting with new ideas.

Fog 2.jpg

For now… I am calling this cardigan “Fog”.


It is funny how at the end of my kid's last school year I was so excited for summer. So done with pick ups and drop offs and lunch packing and homework and fundraisers and forms to sign.

At first summer was fun and felt like a vacation for all of us, but so quickly I was strangely craving that structure and routine to our days again.

My kids are now back and school and I am enjoying my days here at the shop dreaming of fun new projects and products. The past few mornings have been cool,  a nice preview of cozy autumn weather to come. 

Shop August 2018.jpg

Knitting season is rolling around again and I can't wait! :) 





I am so happy to finally release my newest hat design, Mountainside!

Mountainside Collage 2.jpg

As I mentioned previously, this repeating stitch pattern reminds me of trees on a mountainside. I took this hat with me to our recent trip to Yosemite National Park and wanted to publish this particular pattern in memory of my amazing Dad and his favorite place. :)

I knit this original hat sample in Barrett Wool Co. Wisconsin Woolen Spun and I love the rugged texture it creates. You can learn more about this yarn HERE

I also had the hat test knit in a combination of gorgeous Julie Asselin sock weight yarn (Fino) held together with lace-weight mohair (Anatolia) and the result was spectacular in an entirely different way. I love how the mohair provides a soft halo to the stitches and a lovely weight to the finished hat. Thank you to Kathleen and Sabrina for knitting these up for me!

Mountainside Hats.jpg

I've put together a limited number of special kits to go along with the hat pattern. Just to make knitting it an even more special experience! :)

The kit includes a little tree print zippered bag to hold your project, A set of tree and mountain stitch markers to work the crown of your hat, a cable and tapestry needle, and of course the pattern too!

Kit Collage.png

There is also an option to add on a few skeins of the Julie Asselin yarn as well as needles. Can you believe these colorways? So pretty!

JA Mountainside Kit options.jpg

I hope that you enjoy knitting up a Mountainside hat of your very own! A great camping project, don't you agree?

The pattern can be purchased HERE. The limited-edition kits can be purchased HERE. Enjoy!


On the Needles

I don't know what happened... but my knitting mojo came back full force. It just hit me one day when I was least expecting it and now I want to knit all the things. 

I have two great projects on the needles at the moment.

Mindless hat knitting using this gorgeous Storyteller yarn that I picked up during a recent trip to Lake Tahoe. I am making up Hannah Fettig's Simple Hat and it is a great project for this yarn. Simple stockinette really shows off the beautiful colors. I love picking up yarn on vacation to have that physical memory of that experience whenever I knit with or wear the finished item!

I am using our new Strawberry Stitch Markers on this project... aren't they adorable? You can find those available HERE.

StoryTeller Yarn Hat.jpg

Up next is... another design project! :) I am sooooo excited about this one. I have had an idea floating around in my brain for the past few years about designing with multiple yarn weights and I am bursting with inspiration and new design ideas.

I'm hoping I can squeeze a collection based on this idea in 2019. 

Fog Cardigan.png

On one last note... I started this blog in 2007 and have enjoyed it immensely. But over the years I have noticed that social media has taken the forefront in online sharing. Sometimes I wonder if blogs still are read and if they have a place in our fast-paced online community. Would you take a moment to leave a comment and let me know how you feel about blogs in 2018? Do you still take the time to read blogs or do you prefer consuming content from other sources like Instagram or Facebook? Would you like to see me share on my blog more? Your input would be very much appreciated!

A New Design... Gasp.

The past year has been a bit of a blur honestly. A lot of change for our family since my Dad passed away last May. I've taken a bit of a breather in many ways, but in some ways I'm working as hard as ever. 

I ordered a skein of Barrett Wool Co. Wisconsin Woolen Spun several months back. This type of yarn really speaks to me lately. I am falling more and more for the rustic wools. Appreciating the beauty in their rawness and simplicity. And they seem to wear so much better than their soft and smooth counterparts. Much less pilling has been my personal experience. 

So I designed this little hat. With petite little leaves in a repeating pattern. Full of texture, just how I like it!

Mountain Forest Hat.jpg

As I was finishing this knit, we went to Yosemite as a family on the anniversary of my Dad's death. Yosemite was his favorite place in the world and it only made sense for me to go there to remember him. So many memories. 

As I was there taking in the scenery and looking at my hat, the stitch pattern reminded me of the huge mountains in front of me peppered with trees that looked miniature in the distance.

So this hat pattern will be named Mountainside. A remembrance of my Dad and his favorite place. 

Mountainside Cropped.jpg

Coming soon...