It Is Getting Exciting!

Today I received something exciting in the mail!

Advanced copies of Botanical Knits from the printery!

The entire print run won't arrive until May, but it feels so good to be able to hold and look through the book in real life.. right now. 


I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate everyone who has pre-ordered this book.
These advanced orders really really help self publishers like myself. Knowing what the demand for a book will be before it is printed allows us to make informed decisions about the quantities.

As a special thank you for your support.. I had a little something extra made up for those of you who 
have or will pre-order.

This special sheet of sticky page markers!

Each of these little leaves peel up and stick nicely to the pages with adhesive on one corner. These are perfect little bookmarks for marking your place in the book, keeping track of your favorite designs, or even marking what chart row you are currently working on.

 It's a fun extra special addition that I hope you will love! :)

Last but not least... I would like to reward those who have pre-ordered with an exclusive, extra, botanically inspired pattern. Here is a quick sneak peek. :)

This pattern will be shipping out with the book orders. It is exclusive to those who have pre-ordered at this time, but will also be included in another book at a later date...

Have I mentioned that I am working on a sequel? :)

Thanks everyone so much again so all of your amazing support for this project. I look forward so much to when these books arrive in May so that I can ship them out to you along with these fun extras.

Pre-orders have not ended yet, so there is still time! 
You can pre-order your copy of Botanical Knits HERE.