100 Hexipuffs!

I have 100 "hexipuffs" now complete and I am over a quarter of the way done with my Beekeepers Quilt!

 Getting to 100 took longer than expected for two reasons...

Firstly, I learned that knitting hexipuffs every available minute caused me major shoulder pain and stiffness. I don't know if it was the tiny needles or what, but it got to the point where I could no longer lift my arms without shooting pain in my back, shoulders and arms. 

It was a hard decision.. choosing between hexipuffs and range of motion... but in the end, pain management won out and I had to set aside my wonderful little knitted puffs for a time.

Secondly. I have been SO busy. 
Between releasing Botanical Knits for pre-order and two trade shows in February, I have had little time for personal knitting. I have also started up design work again which I am really excited about.

I plan on continuing on with my Beekeepers Quilt slowly but surely. A little bit here and there.
I am hoping to have it complete before next winter. These "hexipuffs" will make a great, portable little project through the summer months.