Onto The Next...

Now that my first collection design is out of the way.. I decided to pick up this swatch again from a few months back. This will be collection design #2.

Apparently at the time all of these numbers and scribbles made a lot of sense to me. 
I didn't take very good notes because I was absolutely POSITIVE that I would remember what I was doing..
But now.. a few months and one fuzzy pregnancy brain later.. I have simply no idea.

I've been swatching this poor idea to death over the past few days and I hope to make sense of it all soon.
I'm desperately hoping that this gorgeous yarn from Pigeonroof Studios will work for this design. 
I must use it on something.. its just too pretty.

On a side note..  Season 6 of the Never Not Knitting podcast is starting tomorrow! 
Join me then for episode 51!