Making Decisions

Remember the pattern collection I eluded to earlier? Well, my first piece is now DONE.
Mostly knit in the throes of early pregnancy morning sickness, this sweater has taken w-a-y-t-o-o-l-o-n-g and I cannot tell you how excited I am to get it off of the needles!

Isn't it strange how sometimes picking the right buttons to finish a garment can be the hardest thing about the project? Choosing buttons is such an important part of the process and it's the part I find very challenging.

I went back and forth between these three options for awhile and finally settled on the middle row of buttons.
They most captured the essence of what this sweater is all about. Sweet and feminine with some vintage charm. I look forward to showing you the entire thing when the time comes.

I know it's annoying when designers show you these kinds of vague and non-revealing photos of their upcoming patterns, but this is how it will have to be for now. Please bear with me while I finish the rest of these designs.

My pregnancy put me way behind schedule, but I still hope to be able to reveal the entire collection to you at the end of the year. This is a very special and personal collection of knits and I hope that it will be worth the wait!

I will keep you all up to date with my progress. And just so you don't get too bored, I will be releasing some other designs that will be part of my regular pattern line in the next few months. 

With my new pregnancy, this collection of knits, and my podcast season starting up again, this blog will be one busy place! Stay tuned!