Getting Ready For The Ravelympics!

The Winter Olympics is starting soon, and you know what that means...
Its also time for the Ravelympics!

The "Ravelympics" is an event put on by The concept of Ravelympics is to challenge yourself by starting and finishing projects during the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Choose a project that will be a stretch for you or that will force you to perfect a new technique. states, "The goal of the Ravelympics is to support you in expanding your knitting/crocheting horizons.
Just remember the one rule: Challenge yourself!"

The Ravelympics officially begin at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time February 12, as the Opening Ceremonies begin in Vancouver. Now is the time for all of us to pick our projects, enter the events and pick a Ravelympics team.

(Please click here for additional information on how to proceed.)

Please join team Never Not Knitting for the Ravelympics this year!

We have a wonderful, active ravelry group and would love to have you knit along with us. Also there will be a special Ravelympics drawing in the Never Not Knitting group for all of you who complete your Ravelympic project goals.

(Please leave a comment on this ravelry thread to add yourself to our team list.)

Show your support for Team Never Not Knitting and add this button to your blog.

The button is located at:

and then just make it link to:

As for me....

I've gathered all of my Ravelympics knitting supplies.

My goal is to complete a series of little knitted toys for my daughter AND to share my progress on the blog every day during the Ravelympics!

So be sure to check back often to see my progress. I'm keeping the toy projects secret on the blog for now.. I thought it might be fun for you to guess what they are as I go. :)

The yarns I chose are mostly natural organic fibers in lovely muted tones.I think that this color palette lends itself very well to children's playthings. I cannot wait to get started!

I am desperately trying to finish up my Tea Leaves Cardigan before the Ravelympics begin.I hope to have finished pictures to share in a couple of days! :)