My Little Knitter

When my 4 year old daughter came to me the other day and said
"Mommy I want to knit too. Can you show me how to make stitches?"
I practically melted in my seat.

"Are you kidding me?.. !!!"

I have been waiting for this day.. for well... about 4 years! :)
I've determined that my daughter will love knitting.
She'll have to. I will make her.. or something.

So every few days we've been having "knitting classes" together.
They last about 5 minutes or so...But it is oh so sweet
to watch those little fingers hold the yarn and needles.

I've remembered a little children's knitting rhyme that I heard somewhere to help her remember the steps.

It goes something like this..

"In through the front door. Run around the back. Out through the window and off jumps Jack!"

I can't wait until we can truly knit together. That will be so fun!