A New Hat With a Familiar Name

My three year old daughter used to never be one to name things. She always is carrying around some sort of little stuffed animal or doll wherever she goes. Whenever a polite person in the grocery store stops and asks, "Well hello there, whats your Bear's name?" She would always look at them perplexed and answer "Bear" in a matter of fact 'of-course-his-name-is-Bear' type of way.

This all changed recently when my husband brought home two fish. And of course these new pets needed a name. I picked out the first name, and told her to name the other fish. (which she determined was a girl since it was the smaller one) Of course I wasn't expecting much. I thought for sure she was going to be naming the fish, "Fish". But she really surprised me. As soon as I asked her she immediately turned to me and answered "Molly". She was as definite as I had ever seen her.

I think she was so proud of herself for coming up with this name all by herself, that pretty soon everything and everybody in her pretend world was named "Molly". Every stuffed animal and figurine and pretend playmate. When tragedy struck a few days later.. when.. Molly 'the fish' ... um...well... died, my husband immediately set out to get a new fish. A um... sturdier one... When he returned, I again asked my daughter what its name should be. And she replied with "Molly" of course! And for the record Molly #2 is doing just fine.

So last week when I started designing this cute stripey beret and couldn't think of any good name for it, my daughter came to my rescue and named it for me. Im sure you can guess what name she came up with.

The "Molly" beret is a simple beret with a pretty lace brim and a fun swirled top. The pattern and kit will be available for purchase soon. This hat will also be available in all sorts of sizes ranging from baby to adult. Im going to be starting a solid color Molly for myself shortly.

Aside from the hat, I've started 3 other new knitting projects! Another one for my daughter and two for me! Check back soon to see all the new pictures!