New (Deformed) Elephant Friend

A week or so ago, my daughter asked me if I would make her an Elephant. Have no clue why. But that's what she asked. I love to knit toys so I happily obliged!

This most adorable knitting pattern "Elijah" immediately came to mind. Ive decided to use up my scraps of the super soft Sublime Organic Merino leftover from my Sheepish sweater to work on this cute little guy.

Isn't this the most perfect Elephant color?

(Pattern available here. Yarn available here.)

So.. not to worry! He isn't finished yet!
I hate knitting things twice, so I had to move onto a leg after I finished one ear. At least I did it on the opposite side so he looks more "balanced". :)

I just thought he looked kind of funny and cute at this stage of the process... in a pathetic/deformed sort of way. I just had to share these pictures. Its cruel, I know.

...I think he's embarrassed...