Sienna Cardigan

Wow. Its done. I can't believe I wasted 4 months thinking that this Sienna Cardigan was not going to turn out right. It looked so small before it was blocked and seamed. I was convinced that it was going to turn out toddler sized. But no! Isn't it wierd? It totally fits!

This project has really taught me that you just don't know until you finish something.
Blocking really does amazing things.
Look I can even button it up!
So. Wierd.

I am really pleased with how this sweater turned out, especially since I wasn't expecting anything from it. Really.. as I was washing it I was writing out a tragic blog post in my head.. this was going to be the project that failed.
But I truly love it!
Here are the modifications I made to the pattern.
The pattern originally called for a bulky weight yarn. I wanted a smaller fit so I knit it up with Zara Plus (from the stash) which is an aran weight. It turned out being around a 32-34" size instead of a 36".
I also made mine longer. I did an extra repeat or two of the cable pattern.
Also I did something stupid. Well. Its not really a stupid concept. I just carried it out stupidly.
This pattern originally is a straight up and down sweater, no shaping in the body. I've found that super straight fitted sweaters can ride up as you wear them and not lay right. Since this fact was concerning me. I added waist shaping. Well. Alot of waist shaping. I went a little overboard and shaped this sweater for a model with extremely curvy proportions.
So it fits me kind of strangely. Wierd puckering on the sides.
(I tried to hide it for the pictures.)
Wont do that again.