Chickens Are Coming!

Has everyone seen this adorable Knit Chickens pattern by Susan B. Anderson?
The first time I saw it pop up on Ravelry, I fell in love.
I knew that some funky brightly colored chickens needed to have a place in my daughters knitted toy collection.
So recently I started the first chicken. This will be the "Mama chicken".
(I have a whole family planned here.)
Here is a "strange-in progress-What the heck IS that thing-picture" for you.

I worked on it some more last night. I realized that the poor little chickens head was cockeyed
and off center from its chicken body so I had to rip out and redo.
Such a pain. But now it looks correct.
I was so intently knitting this chicken last night that when I looked up at the clock it was 2 AM!
Its crazy what chicken knitting will do to a person!