Gilipeysa Cardigan

Recently I have enjoyed indulging in a sweet little colorwork sweater as a gift for my cousin’s brand new baby boy!


I have been seeing so many amazing colorwork sweaters popping up that have been very tempting to knit… but truth be told. I don’t have a lot of experience with stranded knitting and intarsia. There has been the odd project here and there.. but lace and cables has really been more my thing. I have a few larger colorwork projects planned for myself (more on that later) but this tiny cardigan was a nice warm up.


As is usually always the case.. this pattern, Gilipeysa, requires you to knit the cardigan in the round, sew two lines of stitching to secure both sides, then cut in between to create a cardigan. This process is called “steeking” and you can view a video of me cutting the sweater HERE.

The purpose behind this technique is that stranded knitting is complicated enough without having to do it on the knit AND purl side. Knitting in the round is so much easier!

Once the cardigan was cut and my nerves resettled.. it was time to do something with that ragged cut edge!

Colorwork Sweater 1.jpg

After weaving in all ends, I decided to hand-stitch some grosgrain ribbon to finish off the edge. It also gives the cardigan a little extra structure which is nice.

Gilespia Open.jpg
Gillespia Ribbon.jpg

I also decided that these tiny resin sheep buttons were a perfect finishing touch!

Sheep Buttons 1.jpg
Gillespia Cardigan.JPG

AND… I added a wooden wash tag to the sweater in hopes this keeps it from running through the washer and dryer as I did use a wool yarn!

Gilespia Cardigan 3.jpg

All in all.. this was an enjoyable little project and the finished sweater is so sweet. :)

Pattern for the Gilipeysa Cardigan found HERE.

I used Plucky Knitter Rambouillet yarn in the Avocado Toast colorway. I only needed 1 skein for the smallest size. Yarn found HERE. (The colorwork section is a mix-mash of scraps!)

Buttons found HERE.

Wooden wash tag found HERE.