Mug Sweater

Recently I came across the Mug Sweater pattern and had to make one of my very own. Who can resist that tiny pocket and little mitten hands!?

 I especially love that you sew tiny hooks to the mittens so that the hands can be "posed" on the sweater. 

This little sweater only took me an evening to make up and just a small amount of yarn. I used Cascade 220 Superwash Sport. I think that Superwash is a good call for a project like this. Since it will be used around coffee or tea, spills are inevitable and it needs to be able to be washed. 

All I can think about now are all of the people in my life that I need to make one of these for...Mug Sweaters for everyone!

If you would like to make a Mug Sweater for yourself or for a friend, I have the pattern for sale in my online shop HERE and adorable little Kits HERE.