Exclusive New Pattern! The Cabled Leaf Pullover

Introducing my brand new sweater design which is for now exclusively available through kitterly.com!

Kitterly is a brand new site with a personalized and easy approach to shopping for your next knitting project! They provide an easy way for you to search according to project type and skill level and get all of the materials you will need for the project of your choice in just a few simple clicks! They take all of the guesswork out of the process for those who like to shop for materials online.

I am pleased to have many of my patterns available to purchase on the Kitterly site as well as my latest pattern as an "exclusive Kitterly project".

This particular sweater was just debuted at Stitches West this past weekend, so I have a special Stitches discount code to share with you. 

Use code "STITCHES2015" in the checkout process to save 15% 
on your next project purchase on kitterly.com!

Please click HERE to learn more about my new Cabled Leaf Pullover modeled by the lovely 
Julie Crawford from knittedbliss.com.