I just happened to finish knitting the most adorable hat pattern I have ever seen.
I did not make this for any special reason, nor was I planning on knitting it. It was simply a case of seeing this design and having to have it... right now.

I am so enjoying the current popularity of woodland animal patterns, and this one is no exception.

Meet Foxy!

This unbelievably cute hat was knit from the Foxy & Wolfie pattern designed by Ekaterina Blanchard and I used two very beautiful yarns from my out of control massive yarn collection. 

The orange skein is the beautiful Snow Capped Yarns Olde Salt Collection in the Rusty Anchor colorway from Cordova, Alaska. The Cream color yarn is Big Bad Wools Weepaca in Raw White. Both yarns were wonderful to work with and I am happy to have found these perfect colorways in my stash for this hat!

I made the toddler size and it somehow fits both of my kids. I think my 3 year old son has a giant head and my almost 9 year old daughter has a tiny head. Works out perfectly.

In other news.. both of my children love this hat. My knitwear-hating son actually asked to put it on.

This little hat makes me so happy.

Pattern is available HERE.