Sweet 'n Sour Apple Hat

I have a two-year-old boy at home who unfortunately seems to have a problem with handknits.

I recently completed the adorable aviator style Sweet 'n Sour Apple hat by 
Kate Oates of Tot Toppers and his reaction to it was less than ideal. :( 
I should have learned my lesson from the Gramps sweater, right?

Below you will notice the progression of photos as I bribed my son into his new hat with chocolate chips.

Chocolate really does make everything better, doesn't it?

This hat was a fun little knit out of only one skein of Malabrigo Merino Worsted that I found in my stash. 
I think that the finished hat is sooo adorable and cozy!

I think my son will appreciate this snuggly warm hat this winter. 
But I will be sure to bring chocolate chips along just in case. :)