Botanical Knits 2 Printed Book Sneak Peek

I was soooo excited to find what arrived in the mail for me today.... 
Advanced copies of Botanical Knits 2! Fresh from the printery!

It is always such a rewarding experience to see your finished book printed and bound for the first time. 
I have to say however... I was equally excited to see this adorable little bookmark I had made up.

This bookmark is a special giveaway item that will be shipped out with the books to all of you who 
pre-ordered Botanical Knits 2, and it has been designed with a couple special, little, useful features.

It clips perfectly to the page to mark your place in the book.

And even contains a 1" cut out to measure your stitch and row gauge!

 I just love how the little leaves stick up out of the book! Who knew a bookmark could make me this happy? I hope you love it too and find it a useful addition to your book!

Everyone who pre-orders will also receive an extra pattern with their book shipment. I am working on it right now and I love how it is turning out...

Here is a little sneak peek.

Botanical Knits 2 will be shipping next month! But pre-orders are still open on our website HERE
Remember that everyone who pre-orders will receive the e-book right away and the print book, bookmark, and extra pattern next month in the mail!

I can't wait for the big shipment to arrive so that I can start shipping all of these out! :)