Knit The Alphabet

I recently discovered the book, Knit The Alphabet, by Claire Garland and couldn't resist knitting up a quick "N-N-K" out of scraps to display on the shelf of my office.

I've been a big fan of Claire's designs for years now. (Proof HERE and HERE.)
I have always loved her whimsical use of knit stitches to create the most adorable toys and now.. letters!

There are so many fun uses for these knitted letters. They would make such a fun decoration for a kid's room. Can you imagine a name strung up over a bed or small letters hanging from a crib mobile? What about a giant first letter of your child's name as a "pillow" on the bed? If I was "super mommy" I would love to knit the whole alphabet to practice making words with my 2 year old.

They are just so fun to make and play with..

and squish.