Botanical Knits Has Arrived!

Just yesterday, a big truck pulled up outside of our office and dropped off 10 huge pallets of Botanical Knits books. 

As I looked at the shipment in its entirety I was super excited of course, but honestly also a bit afraid.
"Uh oh.. what have I gotten myself into?"

I have never before ordered this quantity of books before, and the sheer amount of them was quite daunting.

Fortunately within a few hours, with the help of friends and family, we were able to fill up all of the spare corners of our office space and get the entire shipment inside.

Now is the fun part. I have been enjoying packaging up each little book and getting it ready to put in the mail to all of you who have pre-ordered. For each package I put together, I think about the knitter who will be receiving it. I hope that you all really enjoy it. :)

It's going to take us awhile to package up all of these orders, so I am going to extend the pre-order promotion a little while longer. Everyone who places their order through May 15th will receive the digital version of Botanical Knits along with the special pre-order extras.

Click HERE to place your order.

Thanks again everyone! :)