Because I had to...

It's a funny thing being surrounded by beautiful yarn for 4 days straight. 

Let's get real here... how could I honestly leave Stitches West without buying just a little?

Being in the same booth with Lisa's amazing colorways.. was just a bit too much temptation to bear. 
I decided early on that these skeins had to be mine.
And no. I have not a clue what I will do with them. And no. I don't hardly ever use variegated yarn. 
But look at these! No explanation required, right?

Our booth at Stitches West was dangerously close to the Cephalopod Yarns booth and the first day I overheard one of the girls talking about "mini-skeins" perfect for the "Beekeepers Quilt."
That's all it took. I was over there in a flash buying up these 4 miniature little beauties.

The new booth that I found myself the most excited about out of all of the booths at the entire show was Spincycle Yarns. The first time I walked by, I was literally blown away by the sheer volume of gorgeous hand spun yarn. I *may* have even gasped out loud and talked to complete strangers about it that happened to be around me at the time. 

The yarn I picked is the "dyed in the wool" mill spun line that looks a lot like hand spun but has the even quality of a commercially spun yarn. I am SOO terribly excited to wind up these skeins and start swatching. You may see this yarn showing up in a future design.

Last but not least I found myself enamored with these adorable miniature sewn bags from the "A Needle Runs Through it" booth. I love this because is the perfect size for holding stitch markers, and well.. its just SO cute. I had to buy one for me and one for a friend. 
Just had to.

I had a wonderfully inspiring time at Stitches West this year! I am super excited about all of my new purchases and can't wait until I get a chance to play with all of these new goodies!

If you went to the show this past weekend, tell me in the comments what you came home with!