If you happened to listen to my latest podcast episode, you will already know of my new knitting obsession.
The beekeepers quilt which is comprised of hundreds of these little knitted hexagon puffs aka "hexipuffs".

I've tried.. but I literally cannot stop making them. I am truly obsessed. 
They are so fun and quick and oh so satisfying. 

Here is my "hexipuff station." 

I've been working on these every night using up my stray balls of sport and sock weight yarn. I have now completed over 50. Only about 350 left to go... 

 I have decided to seperate them into groups according to color family. I would like to have an equal number in each group so that I can spread them evenly across the blanket when I seam these altogether.

Everytime I finish a new little hexipuff, I love to spread them all out again and see how they look. 

My daughter and niece offered up their expert opinions this afternoon as to how these hexipuffs should be arranged.

Even in this incomplete state, this project is just so much fun.

I'm off to knit more hexipuffs!