Knitting Cupcakes

Earlier this week my daughter got to read her new story, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf to her first grade class, as well as the kindergarten class with her teacher from last year.

In honor of this special occasion, I wanted to make some knitting themed treats for her to be able to pass out to the kids.

With the help of Pinterest, I found this idea for edible marzipan yarn balls

I couldn't make them as nice as the ones in the tutorial.. but they still turned out cute. These suckers were extremely time consuming! It took me about 10 hours to make 35!!

(I of course chose the signature green from my Never Not Knitting logo... of course.)

And then my husband and father-in-law made these awesome mini knitting needles from wooden dowels and  wooden screw hole covers for the ends. 


The last component was 35 freshly baked and frosted cupcakes. 

Put it altogether, and we got this...

A cute knitting themed little cupcake.

The great part about it was that after the cupcake is eaten, the knitting needles can be washed and used again for actually learning to knit. They aren't as nice and smooth as regular knitting needles, but they were a great inexpensive alternative to purchasing a set of needles for every student in the class.

Plus they are miniature. And everything that is tiny is just cute. :)

We provided a little ball of "real" yarn and a set of knitting instructions to all of the kids in the class so they could try it on their own.

I was so pleased by how everything turned out. Of course my daughter was so excited to dress up like Annie and to share the story with the other kids. And I was thrilled by how well it was received. The kids seemed extremely enthusiastic about the story, about learning to knit, and of course.. the cupcakes!

And before my daughter read the story, I was able to talk to the class a little bit about knitting and yarn. 
That was so fun for me to share a few fiber facts with these little ones. I asked them a few questions to test their knowledge and the answers were adorable and hilarious.

Here are a few of my favorites. :)

Me- Does anyone here know what yarn is made from?
Answer- fuzz.

Me- What kinds of things can you make with yarn?
Answer- paper towels?

Me- Has anyone had to practice something a lot before you became good at it, like Annie with her knitting?
Answer- Yes, I tried broccoli.

In the end the story accomplished exactly what I had hoped. All of the kids seemed genuinely enthused about learning to knit. I saw many kids after school holding the yarn and knitting needles trying to make stitches. I wished that I had more time that day to help these future knitters get started.. but hopefully we can do that another time. I can't wait!