Last Chance!

Just a reminder that pre-orders for Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf will be ending on 
November 15th at the end of the day. (Please see below)

(Update 11-19-12: The pre-order promotion has now expired. Thank you everyone for your support! We look forward to shipping the books out to you!)

This is your last chance to order this
Price: $18.95

And get this,

 and this.

In this.

For only the price of this.

In all seriousness... the Deluxe Edition-Gift Set is only free for pre-orders. 
Once pre-orders are over (beginning on November 16th) 
the Deluxe Edition will go to it's regular price of $26.95.

That means that if  you order the book before the 16th.. you will save $8 on this awesome gift set!

The books are being shipped to us now and we are so excited to start sending out your orders. 
Thank you everybody for all of your support. :)