It's been a few months ago now since I announced the beginnings of my new children's book project, 

What you do not know... is that since that time, this project has literally taken on a life of it's own!

As is my nature, I love to complicate things. I love to add on. Do more. Go the extra mile.

Sooooooo.... I decided to get some fun "extras" manufactured to go along with this story book. 
Because, I guess a self published children's book just didn't seem like enough to take on. :)

These extras will be part of a "deluxe edition-gift set" that will be all packaged together with the book in
it's own special decorative box. 

AND by the way... everyone who pre-orders the book, will get the gift-set "extras" for free!

Over the next few final days leading up to the pre-order opening, 
I will be sharing pictures of these special little items. 

Up first..


I just loved paperdolls when I was a child. I don't see them around much anymore though, sadly.
I thought they would make a perfect accompaniment to the story.

 You might just recognize some of Annie's outfits! 
They are all Never Not Knitting patterns for children that can be found in my pattern store.

My daughter and I had an absolute blast cutting out these dolls last night and dressing up Annie.

Here are some of our favorite outfit combinations. :)

There are still more fun things for me to share!

Tomorrow... stickers!