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It has been practically ages since I knit something in garter stitch on straight needles like this.
It takes me back to when I was first learning to knit and how I wasted  spent so many years of my life knitting nothing but garter stitch scarves in the ugliest most unusual novelty yarns imaginable.

So 2003.. right?

A garter stitch scarf is a great practice piece for a beginner. It's the quintessential "first project" for a knitter. 
In fact the character in our new children's story, like most of us, learns to knit on a garter stitch scarf....
only hers doesn't turn out so well at first. 

Hence the title of the story :)

A friend suggested that there should be a pattern for a "Swiss Cheese Scarf" to match the scarf in the book.
At first this idea seemed odd. Why would there need to be a pattern out there for a messy scarf? I'm sure that all of us have a scarf like that already buried deep in a drawer of early knitting! Something we never wear, but have to keep as a memento of our personal knitting history. 

Does something like this really need a pattern?

Well.. after some consideration I figured.. why not? 
So I am putting together a little scarf pattern that will be a free download on the website
A little one skein chunky weight scarf with irregular edges and well placed "swiss cheese" holes, just like Annie's. A perfectly quick and fun little knit to give to the child in your life along with the book so that they can "match" with the story character. I'm hoping that this holey version will remind them that knitting doesn't have to be perfect and will motivate them to try their hand at making their own garter stitch scarf. 

I'm writing up the instructions for the "Swiss Cheese" section and then will pass it off to my 6-year old to knit the rest of the garter stitch. Then this scarf will be from the both of us.

As a perfectionist.. you have NO idea how hard it is for me to knit something that looks messy on purpose!

Things are coming together on the Annie book! This project has taken on a life of it's own and is taking longer than I thought. Thank you for your patience while we finalize everything.
More information as well as pre-ordering will be available soon.