Goodbye Little Sweater.. I will miss you.

This is unfortunately the last time my almost seven month old son will wear this treasured handknit, 

I knitted this for him at the very end of my pregnancy and thought of this little guy with every stitch. When I hold the cardigan in my hands, all of those sentimental feelings and memories of awaiting his birth come flooding back to me. I love this sweater for many reasons.

The funny thing is that once he was born I took the sweater out of the closet and held it up to him. 
It seemed so large at the time... surely he would never ever fit into it. 
But now seven months have passed and it is practically bursting at the seams.. 
(You may have noticed that one of the buttons has popped off.)

I am happy to report that this little cardigan has been well loved and well worn.
But now with my son growing larger and the weather growing hotter every day.. it's time to pack it away in his baby keepsake box. 

I just had to share this final photo taken last weekend at our friend's fancy anniversary party on the coast. 
It was the perfect opportunity for this cardigan's final outing.

You just gotta love a baby in a bow-tie and hand-knit cardigan. The three go together so very well. :)