A Baby Owl For a Baby

When I was recently invited to my friend's baby shower celebrating the birth of her new baby son born only 3 days before my own.. I was a bit concerned. Not about attending. But about getting her a gift.

These days, I rarely get out of the house.. Not only does it seem to take half the day to get myself ready to go anywhere, but between lugging around a huge diaper bag, and a baby carrier containing a baby that may start screaming at any moment.. shopping is a bit nightmarish at this point. Not to mention.. my first attempt at grocery shopping with both children last week has left me traumatized to the point in which I may never recover...

So I am very happy to say that with a little ingenuity and the help of the internet..  I put together a clever little baby gift (if I do say so myself) without leaving the house. 

In keeping with the "owl themed" baby shower, I purchased these sweet hand-painted little owl shirts from this awesome etsy shop. A onesie for baby Logan and a little tee shirt for his older brother, Cole. 
I just love these..

I then found a stray envelope and handcrafted a personalized card using the computer and some of my daughter's construction paper.

And then comes the cutest part.

Using some scraps of yarn, felt, some left over buttons, and this pattern as a guide,
I created this cute baby owl as a present topper...

..and attached him to the box like this..

All of the wrapping materials were recycled as well.. 
(because I am one of those people that carefully folds up and hoards 
wrapping paper and ribbons when I receive a gift.)

So there you have it.

An owl themed gift created from the comfort of my own home.

And by the way.. she loved it. :)