1 Month

Someone that I know is now 1 month old...

...and has gained 3 pounds...and grown 2 1/2 inches...as you might have noticed.
I haven't wanted to mention it to him, but his Owlet sweater is already growing a bit snug around his tummy. And lets not even get into the double chin situation. :)

The month has gone by all too fast. I can't believe how much he has already changed and grown.
The past few weeks have reminded me of how unbelievable time consuming newborns can be.
It is amazing how much I work and how little I accomplish. At the end of the day I try to remind myself that this is the most important job I can be doing right now.. taking care of my little chubby guy.
The rest can be put on hold for the moment because this special time won't last long... and in a year from now I will miss this roly-poly baby in his handknit sweater sitting on the couch with his big tummy and multiple chins.

Somehow between all of the feedings, diapering, and soothing.. I managed to knit up this stripey little hat for him a few weeks back. I'm a bit surprised that I actually got this done. I rarely have time to myself anymore, and when I do.. Instead of knitting, I find myself exhausted and staring blankly at the living room wall. I know that when we get into more of a routine, I will have more energy and get my creative enthusiasm back.

This little hat was knit from two stray balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, and I made up my own pattern using Kate Oates awesome Math For Hats book as a guide. 

I love the way this little project turned out and I think baby does too... maybe.. I dont know.. It's kind of hard to tell. :)

It just feels good to get something off the needles. It makes me feel productive.