Handknit Covered Babies

I feel similarly about chocolate-covered strawberries as I do about handknit-covered babies..

Both are great by themselves.. but together, they make for an amazing combination.

I take advantage of every opportunity for our little guy to wear his handknits.. as many as possible at one time.

For his one week doctors appointment, I dressed him in a little handknit bundle with his Puerperium cardigan, Aviatrix hat, and Saartje's Bootees... Which turned out to be fairly ridiculous because as soon as we walked in to see the doctor, the nurse instructed us to strip him down to his diaper so that we could weigh him...oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

I love seeing him in his little sweaters so much that I've been putting them on even on days when we don't leave the house. I have a tendency to suffer from that weird syndrome where you don't use things because they are "too special". I don't want to do that with these handknits. Seeing him wear them makes me really happy and if I keep waiting for special occasions, he may never get to wear them at all. Babies grow so fast and all.

I am very happy with the fit of this Puerperium cardigan. It's turning out to be a very useful addition to his newborn wardrobe. The Acadia yarn I chose to knit it in is so soft and comforting. The other benefit we have discovered is that apparently it is also delicious. I seriously cannot keep this sweater sleeve out of this little guy's mouth. But I keep on trying because I'm not sure how healthy it is for an infant to ingest wool, alpaca and silk fibers.. no matter how delicious they may be...

I looked up Acadia yarn on the Kelbourne Woolens website and this is what they have to say about it:

Acadia is an absolutely beautiful, completely original and custom designed 2-ply yarn with a rustic look and soft hand. A subtle tweed effect created by the silk noil is combined with a heathered base and then overdyed in the duotones we are known for, creating incredible depth of color.

Perhaps they should add... 

Also surprisingly tasty.