Yarn Monsters

I've been trying to convince my daughter ever since she was very little that monsters do not exist, and they 
do not reside behind closed closet doors. 

If only that were actually true..

In the effort of trying to reorganize, clean out and simplify our possessions in order to get ready for the new baby, I have come across some pretty gnarly monsters hanging out in dark spaces around our home.

Yarn monsters.. that is.

Yes. Frightening messes of stray yarns and swatches all entangled together into fabulously gruesome disasters such as this.

This monster in particular would take hours upon hours to untangle. Over the years, I've watched this guy grow and consume more unsuspecting bits of yarn over the years. I've always had good intentions of spending the time to unravel him.. but I've just recently come to the conclusion that this is simply not going to happen.. and that it's not worth the time and effort.

It's time to get out the scissors, selvedge what I can, and clear the closets of all monsters before they take over completely.