Natural, Local, Goodness

I recently met Carrie from Alpenglow Yarn for lunch, and left with some of this fabulous alpaca yarn to use in the upcoming design collection.

This chunky, squishy alpaca is gorgeous in its simplicity. 
It is an undyed 100% alpaca fiber collected from and milled by farms local to where I live in California. 

I love that the name of the alpacas it came from is printed on the label... and...
although it could be considered annoying by some, I love that while I'm knitting this fiber I am finding little bits of vegetation in it. This is the real deal. I am loving the rustic nature of this yarn. 

Another benefit. It's thick!

This latest design worked up in a snap! And I even finally found a use for these amazing buttons that I had in my stash from long ago. I've been waiting for the perfect project for these!

I am one happy knitter right now. :)

Back to work I go!