Three Cloudy Days In A Row

This post is so terribly overdue.

A few months ago now, I had some samples of my Cloudy Day beret knit up for my trunk shows. As soon as I got them back from my sample knitters I popped them in the mail and never got a chance to get a decent picture of my three Cloudy Day berets all together.

I think they are all so pretty. I had to share them with you.

I always love to show how yarn choice can make all of the difference when making a pattern. 

The gray beret in the front was knit by Sarah from Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight and it is soft, luxurious and much heavier than the other two berets. This would be the yarn I would choose for a warmer, more wintry version.

The second, pale blue beret was my original pattern sample knit by myself out of Classic Elite Fresco. Its soft and very lightweight.

The third, brighter blue beret was knit for me by Veronika and was knit from Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk. I would call this the dressiest of the Cloudy Day berets. The yarn is smooth with a silky sheen. This beret has a lot of drape and the smoothness of the yarn shows off the stitch definition very well.

I feel that all three of the yarns used were good matches for this pattern, and would recommend all of them. 

All are considered sport weight yarns, but all produced a different result.
These gray and blue tones are so calming together, aren't they? I really love this color palette.

Thank you again to my fabulous sample knitters for doing such a good job on these hats for me!

The Cloudy Day beret pattern is available for purchase HERE.