How To Play A Pattern Game

I just received in my shipment of Roses are Red, Violets are Blue printed headband patterns!
I love the way they turned out.

As you know, I offer the pattern pdfs as individual downloads HERE on my blog, but
in this printed version (found in yarn stores), both patterns are included in one. 
The above picture shows two copies of the same pattern. (One is just flipped over.)

This concept is often confusing, so I thought I'd show you what I mean.

Below you will see the pattern open on both sides.
No matter how you flip this brochure, one pattern will always be right side up.

You should have heard me trying to explain this style of printing over the phone to some of my family members. It was very frustrating for everyone involved. I guess its something you just have to see to understand. :)

I think these patterns turned out lovely and the way its printed up is fun and unusual.

The most special thing about both of my headband patterns (this one and the Birds and Bees headbands) are the games included  for children. I included these games as a way for knitters to get their children involved in the process.

My five year old daughter helped me put together a "game playing demonstration" for you to see how they work!