Week 1: Book Review: Knitted Flowers

Since it is now officially spring, I thought it would be quite fitting to choose the book Knitted Flowers by Nicky Epstein for my first review and giveaway.

I know that not everyone reading this is a knitted flower type of person. 
I happen to like them though. When I first started knitting in 2002 I really really liked them.
Back then I knit and crocheted tons of flowers and attached them to hats, scarves, baby booties, purses.. Everything.

I haven't knit a flower in awhile, and I probably am not as excited by them as I used to be.. but I still definitely think they have a wonderful application.

I happen to have a 5 year old girl in my home who loves all things pink, frilly and princess-like, so I will most likely be knitting up more flowers for her knitted accessories as the years go on.

So if you are a knitted flower type of person, you will really enjoy this book by Nicky Epstein. 

I have to say, I have always thought that Nicky Epstein was a remarkable designer. She is very inventive and comes up with very unusual and interesting ideas. I own several of her books and I use them regularly.

In this book, Knitted Flowers, she offers a variety of flower designs using different techniques. I find myself especially drawn to her felted flowers. I think they are quite beautiful.

I've also always been attracted to her "Wallflower" pattern. 
The mohair yarn and the tiny pearl in the center is so delicate and feminine.

Aside from the multitude of flower pattern instructions, there are also patterns included for larger garments and accessories on which to attach the flowers to. Such as a pillow, wrap, bag and poncho. 

Nicky also offers many ideas of how to use and attach the flowers to various non knitted accessories such as a belt or shoes, or even as a pin on a jacket.

To sum up everything, I think that this is an interesting book full of lots of fun ideas surrounding the subject of knitted flowers. It's a beautifully presented 133 page publication full of lovely large photographs and easy to read instructions. Additionally, the back of the book contains pages of helpful information such as technique and abbreviation explanation, templates, and schematics.

I like and would use many of the flowers pictured, but since this book was originally printed in 2006, some of the yarns used in the samples are somewhat outdated at this point.

For instance..... This.

Many flowers are shown in novelty yarns which we don't see as much of in 2011 as we did back in 2006.
That doesn't mean that these "novelty" flowers wouldn't look totally different knit up in a different yarn though.

But for myself, as a strictly non-novelty-yarn-knitter, coming face to face with a picture like this can be a little unsettling.

But furry, sparkly, ribbon-y, multicolored, shiny yarn might just be your thing, and if it is.. there are many flowers in here that you will love. :)

So guess what? I am giving away this book to one of you! 

If you would like to enter to win this brand new copy of Knitted Flowers provided by Sixth and Spring Publishing, please leave a comment under this post. 

Please remember to include your contact information in your comment.

I will be announcing the winner next week with another book review!