I am very happy to report to you that I finished the design project that I was working on out of the 
fabulous yarn that I shared with you in the previous post.

To celebrate the occasion, I knit this flamingo.

Because.. everyone knits flamingos when they want to celebrate right? 
Wow. I just realized how incredibly boring I am.

Moving on.. 

Check out this flamingo.

It has been a couple of months now since I indulged in knitting a toy for my daughter. I absolutely love the satisfaction of toy knitting. Toys are fun, fast to knit, and my daughter loves them. They are also great for using up scraps of yarn. Most toys I've knit have been from scraps, and that is a satisfying thing in itself.

Holding Ms. F.

This little flamingo used up some scraps of Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn that I had leftover from my recently knit Chloe sweaters. The orange legs are from leftovers from my daughters knitted chickens from last year.

 If you like this little flamingo, you'll be happy to know that the pattern can be found for free here.
It's another design by Susan B. Anderson. I just can't stop knitting her toy patterns.

Flamingos are funny.

This flamingo is cute and all, but lets get back to the point... there is an occasion to celebrate! My new pattern is done. And I am seriously so excited about it! It's with my graphic designer and test knitters now and I'm hoping it will be ready to release soon. 

It's a beret pattern. A beautiful cabled leafy beret. And it was hard to do. But now its done.

I can't wait to show you!