Two Tiny Chloe Sweaters

This past week or so has been spent knitting up these two
little samples of my Chloe sweater pattern for girls.
One is for one of my trunk shows and the other is being displayed at a new local yarn shop.

2 Chloes

These three colors of Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn look so sweet and girlish together. Sort of like a lollipop or similar stripey candy. I love all of Spud and Chloe's colorways. Its so fun picking three to go together.

These colors that I chose are named Watermelon, Popsicle, and Ice Cream. 
Hmm.. now that I think about it, I may have picked these colors when I was hungry. 
They do sound delicious don't they?

To make a Chloe sweater you only need 1 skein of each colorway. These two samples are in the 6 month size and I have more than enough to make a third. Granted, this is a small size, but it really doesn't take that much of each color to create this piece. 

I definitely think this sweater would be a great way to use up some partial skeins of worsted weight that you might have lying around.

Lady bug buttons.. so cute.

I picked up some hand painted ladybug buttons for the sweaters and I think that they compliment quite nicely.

It was fun revisiting this design. The last time I knit this is when I designed this little sweater over a year ago. While knitting it I remembered all that I love about it. It is soo quick to make! 
I'm sure you could knit a small size in one day if you really wanted to.

Also I think its a great garment addition for this time of year. I for one live in a climate that is sporadically cold and then scorching hot. It's truly bizarre and you have no idea what to expect day to day.
Additionally, when it is insanely hot during the day it also cools down quite a bit in the evenings.

A little sweater like Chloe is a great layering piece for my daughter. Just a little layer of extra warmth on her tiny body.... Similar to a vest. Only its really cute and girly and looks simply adorable over a little dress.. or tank top. And vests just don't work in that way. You know?
Also Chloe is very simple to take on and off as the weather changes.

2 Chloes. Up close.

Pattern available here.