Never Not Knitting Patterns- A Closer Look

Like I previously mentioned, I'm ecstatic about my new pretty pattern line!

Here are a few photos that I would like to share with you because I love them.
I have been working on this redesign for a year and these patterns have become like my little paper children.
You must bear with me.

Patterns 3 framed

I am one proud Mama.

As you can see each pattern is different but follows the same beautiful theme. Scrapbook pages!

Yes, each pattern is designed to look like layered scrapbook paper complete with paper clips and photo corners, which give the pages dimension and interest.

I love seeing all the patterns together. It really does resemble scrapbook paper don't you think?

Patterns 2 framed

All of my patterns are now printed on glossy card stock in a brochure style format which really makes them look professional.

Pattern overlay framed

Additionally each pattern includes original illustrations and hand drawn sizing schematics.
I feel like this makes the patterns extra special and unique.

Below you will find a little collage of some of the illustrations you may come across.

Pattern Illustration collage

So.. bottom line. These are not your ordinary knitting patterns.
When you open one, you step into a themed little scrapbook paper world.
Each pattern is its own unique work of art.
I wanted the illustrations and backgrounds to make the designs come alive to the knitter.

I think that they are so much fun and I hope you will too!
(Remember that the printed patterns are only sold through yarn shops. Please check here for a stockist in your area.)

None of this would have been possible without the help of Tana,
my wonderful technical editor and 2 very talented graphic artists.
Thank you so much Michelle and Jill!

Aside from graphic design, you may already know Jill Zielinski from the Knitterella blog. She designs the cutest knitting themed tags and notecards, you must check her out! She was the designer behind my Molly, Chloe, Spring Garden Tee, and Amelie patterns and did a wonderful job!

Michelle is not yet a knitter (I am holding out hope), and for that I give her an unbelievable amount of credit! Figuring out how to layout knitting patterns while not being familiar with them is hard work. She was very patient and I appreciate that so much!
Michelle is responsible for my lovely scrapbook theme and was the artist behind the majority of my patterns. Thank you Michelle!

I will be posting up a drawing giveaway within the next few days for my complete new printed pattern line.
So be sure to check back soon so that you can enter!