Adelaide Is Back

My favorite baby knitwear model, Adelaide, is back and just as cute as ever!
She came over today to model some more 6 month size trunk show samples.
I just love seeing how these knits look on little ones like her.

Adelaide In Very Cherry

The photo shoot started out well with Adelaide happily modeling the Very Cherry dress.
She is cute and smiley but very wiggly. This is one of the only shots I got of her that wasn't blurry.
She is constantly wanting to crawl away. I have a new found appreciation for baby photographers.
It is not easy.

Her Mom had a great idea in giving her some yarn to play with.
This kept her occupied so that I could successfully shoot some pictures of her in the
coordinating Playful Stripes sweater.

Seeing handknits layered over handknits makes me very happy.

Adelaide in PS back

Adelaide in PS with yarn

Things turned a little sour when we tried to take some pictures outside sans the ball of yarn.
She was so disappointed. And I felt bad.

Her mom calls this the "old man face".
(No offense to any old men who may be reading this blog.)

Old Man face

It's so pathetic isn't it? I just couldn't live with the guilt.
That tantalizing ball of yarn was returned and Adelaide discovered
that it is not just fun to play with. Yarn also tastes good.

Yarn is good

Really good.

Yarn is REALLY good!

I have to tell you, I am really quite enamored with this tiny Playful Stripes sweater.
It was knit for me by Andrea from the Life on Laffer blog and the color combination and tininess of it is just too cute.
This may be my favorite of all the children's designs, I don't know. I just like how versatile this sweater is.
Adelaide's mom who is a non knitter remarked how well the sweater would go with many different outfits. That is so true.

Playful Stripes 6 month size

I never expected this little dress and sweater to go together so well,
but I really think that it makes for a surprisingly cute little outfit.

Thank you again to Adelaide for being such a good sport,
and also to Deirdre who did a fabulous job knitting up the Very Cherry dress for me.

The Playful Stripes sweater pattern can be found here.
The Very Cherry dress pattern can be found here.