Toasty Mitts

Recently I had the privilege of working with this gorgeous handspun skein provided by Lisa of Becoming Art. It was love at first sight. I find this color combination amazing! The colorway for this one is
"Green Goodness" just like the skein pictured in the previous blog post.
Of course this skein is spun up differently, but all of the same beautiful colors are there.

I had to make something simple and special with this yarn, so I decided to work up some mitts for this upcoming winter. The pattern is called "Toasty" and can be found for free here.

These mitts were so insanely easy to make! They went so fast and were so fun to make in this beautiful yarn.
I found it to be a wonderfully mindless, comforting knit.

I really enjoyed watching the colors change as I went. It's addicting working with yarn like this.. you always want to see what colors are coming up next.

I really love the way these turned out and I am now officially addicted to handspun yarn. This project even motivates me to drag out my spinning wheel and see if I can produce amazing yarn like this on my own.

After that entire project, I even have this cute little ball left over. I'm thinking that my daughter's doll might just need a handspun sweater. :)

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