Peter Rabbit

Recently I attended my Sister-in-law's baby shower for my soon to be born nephew.
I wanted to bring a little handmade gift, but not just any handmade gift.
I was trying to think of something a bit out of the ordinary and came up with this little idea.

I've always enjoyed classic children's books, and I love the Beatrix Potter collection.
So, for my nephew I decided to get him his very own special edition of "Peter Rabbit"
and knit him his own little knitted version of Peter to go with it.
I have this little vision of him holding Peter while having the story read to him.

Here he is... complete with his own little carrot and blue jacket.
Just like the character in the story. I think he turned out quite well!

The pattern I used for Peter was the Well-dressed bunny pattern found here.
I modified the mini waistcoat pattern that is included by adding sleeves and a shawl collar.
I was trying to get the style as similar to the illustration as possible.
The carrot I invented on the fly and sewed to one of his little hands...err... paws.

I was so pleased to find the tiny carrot button that is used on his jacket.
It's been sitting in my button stash for years. I was thrilled to finally find the perfect project to use it for!

One of my favorite parts of Peter has to be this white fluffy tail. So cute!

Making Peter Rabbit was a wonderful way to use up all sorts of yarn scraps that I had lying around!
His body is made up of Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn, the jacket is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn...
and do you recognize some of that green yarn on the carrot?
Its none other than a few snippets of my special "Never Not Knitting Green" skein!

I really hope my nephew loves him!