Dindy Beret

One hat out of the Thistle yarn wasn't enough,
So I made this sweet little hat for my daughter out of 2 balls of the Old Rose colorway.

The pattern is the Dindy Beret by Kate Oates of TotToppers.

What a cute little hat this is. The leafy border is such a nice detail.

I made a few modifications for my daughter's version.
The pattern calls for 2 adorable body styles, but I chose to leave her hat plain on the top.
Also I knit the leafy band with a size 7 needle, and the body in a size 8 which created a slightly slouchier look.

I love the swirly decrease pattern and the bobble on top.
The small little details really add to the design.

If you like this hat, check out Kate's blog here.
She has a ton of great hat designs for adults and children.

For all of the great photos I get of my daughter, there are twice as many...
uh... uncooperative photo taking experiences. :)

It seems that the more of a deadline I am under with the photo taking,
the goofier my 4 year old gets during our photoshoots.

But I will get my revenge someday.. these will be great to show at her high school graduation party,
or if she ever has a boyfriend that I don't like.

Cute hat though!