Here is the lovely new hat I just recently completed.
The pattern is named Laurel and it's from Jared Flood's new book Made in Brooklyn.

(Book found here.)

It truly is a stunning pattern isn't it? I love how all the cables and bobbles twist together and join into the center of the crown.

The knitting of Laurel was fun and kept my interest, but was a bit on the tedious side with all of the cable crosses.

(Can you tell that I took this picture myself?)

If you are interested in knitting this hat, be sure to take a look at this errata page before starting. Also, I would suggest different bobble instructions than those presented in the book.

I found my bobbles to be kind of irregular and puny. I would definitely work them differently if I was to make this again.

I worked this hat out of the suggested yarn Classic Elite Princess in the Milord's Madder colorway. It's such an ideal Autumn color.

(Yarn found here.)

The great news is that I made this hat out of only one skein of the Princess yarn! With some to spare even!

I'm seriously thinking about casting on for the Grove mittens in the same colorway to match!