2 Year Blogiversary And The Best Giveaway Ever!

Two years ago today, I started Never Not Knitting. Little did I know back then what this blog would turn into or what fun it would bring to my life.

In honor of my two year "blogiversary" I would like to extend a thank you. Thank you to all of you who regularly visit me, who comment on my posts, who support my blog sponsors. It's been such a pleasure for me to meet so many fantastic knitters from all over the world.

Today I would like to give something back to my loyal readers and supporters. I have gotten in touch with some of my favorite online knitting vendors and friends to bring you the best giveaway this blog has ever offered. (And I've offered a lot of giveaways!)

In order to get to know my readers better, I would like to announce 2 new drawings!

All you have to do in order to enter drawing #1 is to leave a comment under this blog post. Please tell me in your comment how you found the Never Not Knitting blog and how long you've been a reader. That's it!

The prize for drawing #1 is going to be a compilation of NeverNotKnitting patterns, yarn, and other sweet treats!

I know that I have a lot of readers from all around the world. I would love to put some faces with the names. Entering drawing #2 is going to require a little more effort than drawing #1 but, believe me, it's worth it... the prize is going to be huge...huge...HUGE!

The prize for drawing #2 is going to be a box of goodies including designer knitting patterns, skeins of yarn, a gift certificate, buttons, a row counter, a tee-shirt, sweet treats, the entire Never Not Knitting pattern collection, and knitting notions bags.

All of these goodies will be provided for you by these amazing vendors and artists:

Funky Carolina
Pretty Knitting Jewelry
Dancing Ewe Yarns
One Planet Yarn and Fiber
Pulling at Strings
Tangled Yarns

This prize and contributor list may be added to as time goes on!!

What you need to do to enter drawing #2 is to email me a picture of yourself in your favorite knitting location. You'll need to be holding a sign that says "I am Never Not Knitting at" and then put where your favorite place to knit is (like the name of your local yarn shop, etc). Also put where you are from...State/Province and Country is great!
(See my picture above as an example.)

Email the picture to nevernotknitting@gmail.com and put in the subject line
"Blogiversary Picture Drawing Giveaway".

When the drawing is over, I will be compiling all of the photos into a large collage to be shared in a future blog post on NeverNotKnitting.com. It'll be so fun for me to see pictures of all of you!

You can enter both drawings #1 and #2, but only enter each drawing once.

Drawings both end at 11:59PM PST, December 15, 2009. I will randomly choose a blog comment for drawing #1 and an emailed picture for drawing #2 to determine the winners. I will announce the winners on the blog on December 16, 2009.

Thank you so much for sharing my knitting adventures with me over these past two years!
I hope that you will take the time to enter these drawings! It will be a lot of fun! :)