Elijah the knitted elephant has finally been completed.

(Pattern here. Yarn here.)

My daughter insists that Elijah is in fact a girl name and is convinced that 'she' is the best thing that ever was.

The finished Elijah has proven to be such a soft cuddly companion.
For that reason I'm so glad that I made him... um.. I mean HER. :)

Unfortunately I found the knitting part of the project a bit of a pain. I LOVED the fact that it was knit all in one piece, but at the same time picking up those stitches and knitting at such a tight gauge proved rather cumbersome.

I really should have done the body parts in order and worked both ears last. I found it to be quite challenging knitting an arm after an ear. The double pointed needles kept getting caught and it was kind of annoying. I guess that the order of instructions is there for a reason!

Oh well.. 'Shes' done now and just way too cute for 'her' own good..