Some New Projects For ME

I have been knitting mostly for my daughter lately and really wanted to make a few things for myself again. Recently I got this beautiful skein of Handmaiden SeaSilk in the Ireland colorway.
Yarn found here.

I started knitting the shawl pattern Gail. (Pattern here.)
I promise that it will look so much better when its done and all laid out and blocked!
Its going through its crumply messy stage at the moment.

I I love the purl side!

I also started the Vine Yoke Cardigan pattern that was featured in the new issue of Twist Collective.

This is SO fun to knit. Its knit from side to side! Ive never knit a sweater in this style before!

I am using Malabrigo Worsted in Polar Moon.

(The tag actually says that the color is Polar Morn, but Im convinced thats a typo... What is a "Morn" anyways?)

I am supposed to be doing this sweater as a knit-a-long with Hannah Fettig of Knitbot.
She is totally way ahead of me! I need to catch up! :)