Fabulous Spring Garden Tees

Isn't this a lovely photograph? This is one of my favorite photos of a completed Spring Garden Tee provided by this fabulous knitter.

The Spring Garden Tee pattern has really been a hit! There are many wonderful versions to look through on Ravelry. Some have added the lace pattern on the bottom hem which is a nice touch (here), and other knitters even modified the top into a cardigan! (here, and here) What great ideas!

I'm so happy that this pattern has been such a success. The Spring Garden Tee happens to be the knitted garment that my daughter still gets the most use out of. It is a versatile look and also the Rowan Calmer that I made it out of is holding up so well! No pilling!

Here are a few more cute Spring Garden Tee shots for you, but please be sure to check out the rest of the awesome versions on Ravelry by clicking here.

--Photographs graciously provided by Rachelj, budaknit, jballanti, and seedsintosprouts.--