A Bad Case of The Uglies

Lately... variegated yarns have not treated me kindly.
First there was the "Featherweight Cardigan Fiasco".
The variegated lace weight I chose for that project knitted up to be so ugly that a picture couldn't even be posted of it.
But I had high hopes for this yarn. Lovely, lovely Koigu.

And yes, one is variegated! But I wasn't worried. I had this all planned out.
I bought these two skeins to make my very own
Chevron Scarf. I mean...with two luscious colors of Koigu, how could anything go wrong?
Well my two Koigu beauties morphed into the ugliest scarf ever.

I tried to like it. Really I did.
Hmm...Maybe If I turn it around....

Aahh.. it's really quite revolting isn't it?
I think I'll stick with solid colors for awhile.
I know that this doesn't look like much of anything yet, but this is my newest cast on.
Rose Red by Ysolda.
I've been wanting to knit this up for such a long time now, and I am certain that this one will turn out to be quite lovely.